myRogerMic app

The myRogerMic app allows you to control your Roger On microphone remotely.

Key highlights

  • Steer the direction of the beam(s) towards the person(s) you want to listen to
  • Change microphone mode 
  • Mute / unmute 
  • Check current device status such as battery level and actual microphone mode

myRogerMic app

The challenge

The Roger On microphone picks up the voice of a person talking and sends it wirelessly direct to your hearing aids. You might find yourself in situations where you are not able to reach the microphone to adjust its settings.

The solution

With the myRogerMic app you can control your Roger On remotely.

How it works

It works by pairing the app with the Roger On device. Bluetooth must be enabled on your smartphone to connect to Roger On.

Smartphone compatibility

myRogerMic app can be used on Bluetooth®-enabled smartphones.

Check if your smartphone is compatible Compatibility Checker

Compatible Roger devices

myRogerMic app is compatible with:



By downloading the app, you confirm that you, and in case you are not yet 17-years old, your parents or guardian agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.

myRogerMic app can be used on smartphones with Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BT-LE) capability and is iOS® Version 13 or newer.

myRogerMic app can be used with Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified Android™ devices supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and Android OS 7.0 or newer.

Instructions for use

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