The right hearing solutions for growing needs

Once children start school, their hearing needs become more complex and their need for social interactions and new friendships grow. 

Hearing aids for school-aged children

In the classroom children are responsible for processing information that is presented verbally. This is why well-fit hearing aids are such an important contributor to successful learning. With increased independence, more social interaction and exposure to situations that demand greater verbal communication, the best hearing solution for your child might be a combination of hearing aids, wireless solutions and accessories.

Phonak offers a portfolio of products that enable children to communicate more effectively and facilitate the building of strong friendship bonds that are essential for developing social and communication skills.

Success is easy

Especially with high performance hearing solutions which are fun and easy to use

Phonak Sky™ Marvel
Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Comprehensive hearing aid portfolio for children that offers innovative, world's first connectivity solutions with more communication power than ever before

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Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

Powerful wireless microphone technology that allows for active participation in the classroom

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Sky Marvel and Roger™

Sky Marvel is the world’s first pediatric hearing aid that can directly stream Roger without the need for attaching an external receiver. This unbeatable combination make the perfect pair for listening to a teacher’s voice when in noise or over distance.

Active participation in the classroom

A modern classroom is often a dynamic learning environment. From peer-to-peer work and lectures to activities which include various forms of multimedia, it’s a place to participate, engage, discuss and truly interact. With Roger for Education children can hear it all!

Mix and match your Phonak Sky M hearing aid

Mix & Match colors

Let kids express themselves by customizing their hearing aids in their favorite color combo

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