Guides for parents


Phonak offers a number of useful guides to support and give you insights throughout your child’s hearing journey.

Children’s hearing: A guide for parents

This guide provides parents with a useful overview of topics about:

  • how hearing works 
  • signs of hearing difficulties
  • speech and language developmental milestones 
  • what to do if you think your child may have a hearing loss

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Guide for parent-professional partnerships in the hearing healthcare setting

Created by Hands & Voices in partnership with Phonak this guide touches on:

  • the importance of working together
  • how hearing care professionals benefit from partnering with families
  • the importance of cultural sensitivity
  • role of telehealth and empowering families, including a list of online resources for both families and professionals

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Guide for Roger™ solutions to keep kids and teens connected

This guide will give you an understanding of the Roger portfolio. Discover:

  • how Roger works 
  • how your child can benefit from this technology in various listening environments
  • a summary of Roger products, including images, descriptions and functionalities

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Roger™for Education

This guide focuses on Roger in an educational setting. It briefly summarizes each product in the portfolio including:

  • the Roger Touchscreen Mic
  • the Roger Pass-around
  • Roger receivers for every type of hearing technology

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