For teens by teens


Phonak launched the first ever Teen Advisory Board in 2018. This group of passionate teenagers have bilateral hearing loss, from mild to profound and they use all types of communication methods and technologies. They worked hard to have the voice of teens with hearing loss be heard! Some of their main goals were: ​

  • Start conversations within the local and digital communities on topics that are relevant to other teens​
  • Act as advocates of other teens and children with hearing loss​
  • Provide Phonak with their valuable opinion on activities around children and teens​

Join the conversation on #phonakteens, follow their journey on their accounts and on Phonak channels.

Name: Ellie Warren
Age: 16 years
Lives in: Ohio (United States)

"I use Phonak Sky Marvel-SP hearing aids.

I’m a junior in high school and I’m a swimmer and I enjoy listening to kpop. Follow me on Instagram!"

Instagram: @teen_advisor_ellie

Ellie Warren

Emmy Cartwright

Name: Emmy Cartwright
Age: 19 years
Lives in: Arizona (United States)

"I use an Advanced Bionics Naida Link CROS cochlear implant in my right ear and a Advanced Bionics Naida CI Q90 in my left ear.

I am a freshman at Northern Arizona University and right now studying Elementary/Special Education.

I was born profoundly deaf and was implanted at 13 months then started using the CROS at 17 years old."

Instagram: @phabulous_ears


Name: Finn Gomez
Age: 16 years
Lives in: Michigan (United States)

"I currently wear Phonak Audéo Marvel in both ears.

I'm in the midst of my junior year participating in as many bands as possible on trumpet, and running my very own salsa company, Detroit Salsa Company"

Instagram: @holaitsfinn

Finn Gomez

Maddy Brinkmann

Name: Maddy Brinkmann
Age: 20 years
Lives in: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

"I wear the Sky Marvel-SP in both ears.

I am in my third year at university studying International Relations.

Two fun facts about me are: I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 2 and a half and I play on the Canadian National Deaf Women’s Volleyball Team."

Instagram: @maddyisdeaf


Name: Mia
Age: 18 years
Lives in: British Columbia (Canada)

"Phonak Sky B-UP hearing aids are what I use. Along with the Roger Select and the ComPilot.

I’m in college.

Fun Fact: my sign name represents a flower blooming because I initially was very shy, once I learned ASL I became confident. Like a flower starting from a seed and becoming beautiful.”

Instagram: @deafinitely.ausome


Natalie Wilkinson

Name: Natalie Wilkinson
Age: 17 years
Lives in: Toronto (Canada)

"I wear Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids and use the Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger Pen and the Roger Select

I am currently in Grade 12.

I love listening to music and doing science experiments."

Instagram: @natalieewilk