Tips for communicating with a hearing aid wearer

Keep it simple and be part of the conversation

Communicate better

Take the time

Wearing a hearing aid requires time to adjust. For first time hearing-aid wearers, encouragement and support from family, friends and colleagues is essential. This will comfort and help them to communicate better through the transition period.

Louder is not always better. Keep it clear.

Practical Tips

We’ve put together a list of useful tips to communicate with your loved ones who might be wearing hearing aids or experiencing hearing loss for the first time

Take your time and help your loved one to relax especially if they are a little tired. Like all our senses, hearing decreases when we become weary, so be patient.

Keep it clear and in a normal tone. There’s no need to shout as it can cause sound distortion and discomfort.

Pay attention and get your loved one’s attention. Say their name or simply make a gesture. This will prepare them to listen, so they are less likely to miss certain words.

The best position is to face your loved one directly. Stay relatively close (but respect personal space). If you’re too far away, they might not understand everything clearly. If your loved one has better hearing in one ear, then focus on that particular side but don’t speak directly into that ear. Keep it natural.

Try using different vocabulary. Saying things differently will help your loved one to understanding certain things better. 

You what?

Threw out the drapes? Oh, you said grapes… We all misunderstand each other from time to time, but when we experience hearing difficulties, misunderstandings are common

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