How sound therapy works

Sometimes distraction is a good thing

Tinnitus sound therapy

One of the most well-known treatment plans for tinnitus is sound therapy. By providing additional sounds for the ears to focus on, your tinnitus becomes less noticeable. The aim of this type of tinnitus management is to help you focus less on your tinnitus, and so provide you with relief.

The ultimate goal is to teach your brain to reclassify tinnitus noise as an unimportant sound that blends into the background. A visual analogy helps explain how sound therapy works: Tinnitus is represented by the brightness of stars in a night sky. The contrast between a shining star and its background in a dark environment brings the star into focus and makes it hard to ignore. The same star in the daylight blends into the light background and is harder to detect, even though it is still there.

Tinnitus Sound Therapy with Phonak

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