Insert a hearing aid

For optimal performance, the hearing instrument must be in the correct position. To insert the hearing instrument into the child's ear, just follow these simple steps:

  • Either turn the instrument off or select the minimum volume setting to avoid whistling.
  • Grasp the tubing near the earmold between your thumb and index finger.
  • Bring the instrument to the child's ear, tilting it forward slightly and carefully place the canal portion of the earmold inside the ear canal.
  • Once the canal portion is in place, twist the earmold back so that it fits into the concha and tuck the instrument behind the ear taking care not to twist the tubing. You can check that the instrument is in the correct position by tracing the contour of the ear with your finger to see that it is sitting snugly.
  • Now you can switch on the instrument and adjust the volume to the desired level. In some cases, the volume control may be disabled by the audiologist.

Note: When removing the instrument, be sure to grasp the earmold to ease it out, and do not pull on the tubing.

For optimal fit and safety use one of the solutions from the Practical tips section.