Planning guide for teens with hearing loss

This guide helps to prepare teens and young adults with hearing loss for the transition to college, university or the workplace.

Guide to Access Planning

This guide is for teenagers and young adults with hearing loss and was put together by a team of audiologists and deaf educators. It provides information and tools to help increase your communication and participation in school and other activities. If you are a student, it will also help in planning your transition to university and the workplace.

Getting started

Find out what you know
Use the assessment tools in this guide to see what you know and what you still need to learn. Be honest with your answers and be sure to get help from one of your teachers and your parents as you complete these assessments.

Developing a learning plan
After you have completed the assessment tools, use the Transition planner or Self-assessment planner forms to write goals for what you still need to learn. By developing a plan, you are on the right path for success!

Build self-advocacy and communication access
This  guide contains a wealth of information to help you to develop knowledge and competency in self-advocacy skills.

Put your plan together by creating your own Personalized transition notebook. Organize materials that you download from this website and feel free to add other information as well.