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For fun, and to stimulate thinking, there are twenty one different scenarios portraying common situations that are encountered by teens and young adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. Think about each situation and what you might do to address the problem.


Articles and materials

History of deaf culture
Articles about historic deaf and hearing people, including the Abbe de L'Epee, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Foster, Dummy Hoy, Erastus Smith, Helen Keller, Heather Whitestone, Douglas Tilden, Juliette Low, Laura Bridgman, Laurent Clerc, and Thomas Edison.

A Nuts & Bolts Guide to College Success for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Bourgeois, J. & K. Treubig (2002 Knoxville: University of TN.

Using and choosing Apps – A guide for individuals with hearing loss
With thousands of Apps available for smartphones and tablets, there are also Apps that can help teens who have hearing loss. Whether you need to have some extra listening practice, to hear the alarm clock better, or to learn sign language: you may be able to find “an App for that”. The App Chart link below takes you to a spreadsheet of Apps that might be helpful and fun. This spreadsheet was created by Tina Childress, an audiologist who  is deaf and uses a Cochlear Implant.

Connecting to groups

Real people. Real stories. is an online community for people whose lives are affected by hearing loss. We bring together people from all around the world to share stories that inspire hope in almost any hearing loss situation.

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