Learning to use your new hearing aid is easier than you think

Useful tips and tricks

Getting used to your hearing aid

Your first experiences are essential for the successful adjustment of your hearing aid. We have put together a few tips and tricks for you so you will be able to fully enjoy your hearing aid. Make use of all the possibilities your modern hearing solution has to offer!

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Train your hearing

Beginning something new is never easy. During the adjustment period, the multitude of new sounds you experience can be tiring. Take your time to get used to your hearing aid. Your positive attitude and determination to hear and understand better are crucial for your success.

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Maintenance for your hearing aid

General advice. It is important to treat your hearing aid with care. You will keep it in working order for many years and minimize potential problems during everyday use. Hearing aids may be sturdy, but they cannot withstand improper use. In the following, you will find a few valuable care tips.

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